Pick up calls before they go on voicemail. Stay up till late. Say no to a road trip. Sit still. Wear girly clothes. Do the 9 to 5. Know how to say no. Plan. Settle. Like Brussels sprout. Call my mum back fast enough. Remember what I wore yesterday. Avoid sugar. know my left from my right. Smoke. Want to be an Architect. Like the dark. know how to walk in heels. know how to spell. Steal. know how to haggle. Cook as much as I eat. Go on enough long walks. Save money. Have enough pictures. Remember to text back. Read enough books. Have an alarm clock. Walk the same route. Stay awake much. Eat Healthy. Share food. See well on a bright day. Know how to whistle. Say no to food. Tolerate daddy long legs. Want fries with that unless there is cheese involved. Drink Tea. Regret eating cake. Travel often enough. Like dolls. Sing Well.